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Indie world has been burgeoning with talented artists, lately. While, some musicians believe in acing the game staying within the boundaries, others test the waters in constant search of finding something novel, once such artist is – Lakshya Bhatnagar, known for his unique voice texture and innovative blend of contemporary and retro music. His musical chops are banging, sounds unique and style groovy enough to send the audiences in frenzy. ACTFAQs team got chatty with the emerging artist and share his viewpoint on the ever-changing dynamics of the musical world, his unique genre ’Retro Repair’ and more. Excerpts from same.

What stirred you towards indie music in the first place?

The whole point of being a musician is thinking independent of society’s clichés and stereotypical identities. Music was always my calling and I wanted to add my flavours to everything I created, hence INDIE.

Your music is a Kaleidoscope of different genres, what inspired you to bring such diversity in your music? And how has your sounds expanded over years?

Through the years that I’ve seen music grow in this country, I’ve realized that there is no genre that is better than the other. Every style of music has an era and it will keep shuffling with time. In order to keep things interesting, I play with various styles, languages and genres of music. Since I haven’t been composing much lately, I really cannot comment on the expansion of sounds, but yes something in collaboration with the electronica space is in my mind.

How conducive is current music scene for budding artists in India?

This may come as a surprise to everyone but the music scene is flourishing with work, but lack of talent. A lot of uber talented people stray away from hard work and sincerity towards finding and executing work given, due to which people feel that the scene is deteriorating. But that’s just perception.

How do you plan to maintain your equilibrium in the grueling music business?

I believe in updating myself with latest trends, sounds and abilities. I think if I do my bit, however grueling it may be, the music business will do its own.

Are there any bands/musicians, you draw inspiration from? If so, who and why?

Though I believe in learning something new from every artist I meet, Bob Dylan has been a huge inspiration to lead me into this field. Simplicity in diversity always rules.

Give us insight about concept, lyrical-theme and also about your unique genre ’Retro Repair’

My concepts are not abstract. They are drawn from human emotions and situations that we go through in Life and thus, the lyrics embody that. RetroRepair is all about two things, the songs and the transition. It is a mix of old and contemporary Hindi & English tracks to form medleys that are melodic, surprising and full of entertainment.

Any collaboration with artists/bands on cards for you? If yes, who?

I am already the Lead Vocalist for Mannfarid (Hindi Prog/Alt Rock) and TMKC (RetroRepair). I think I have enough to handle apart from my Solo project, but yes, I like to learn and meet new people. I would not mind collaborating with Artists for time lined projects.

On the closing note, is there anything else you want to add on?

I think I’ve said enough. Do come over to watch my shows and I’ll let my MUSIC do the TALKING. Cheers!!!

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