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Singer Lakshya Bhatnagar, a popular contest ant from one of the singing reality shows on television, is on a career high.The singer, who is also a part of the city-based bands Mannfarid and TMKC, will soon be singing for director Nipun Dharmadhikari‘s next film.
Disclosing more details about the track, Lakshya says, “The song Bandacha Zenda is based on a bunch of kids who want to break away from the societal pressure and the superstitions that their parents believe in. They want to convey this message in form of a play and that’s what the movie revolves around too.”

Lakshya will also be singing a song titled Uffan in a Bollywood film based on cricket. “This will be a complete cricket song, based on the 1983 World Cup win,” he adds.
He has also co-founded Soundchek Entertainment, an artist management company in Pune that believes in promoting the city’s live entertainment scene and organising events at a club or lounge level.
While Lakshya’s flair for fresh, innovative sounds and his engaging performing style have already seen him woo listeners from across the country, he believes that it’s only the beginning of his musical journey. “I was in a very comfortable IT job, with music being restricted to the side-lines. If the reality show wouldn’t have happened, I wouldn’t have been exposed to the industry either. I hope to work on exciting projects in the future as well,” he says.


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