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This is for superfans and people who really want to support and spread Lakshya’s musical journey and people who have a taste for his art. This is an entire discography of the below items:

Kal Aaj aur Kal (Lakshya Bhatnagar)

Euphonious, addictive lyrics combined with unmistakably Contemporary Pop-Rock music and an evident hint of nostalgic simplicity, makes this 6 song Debut EP, a joyride of emotions.

The mini-album kicks off with ‘Rooyi’ – a celebration of unconditional love, moves on to ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’ – an ode to the City of Dreams, then comes ‘Pari’ – a tasteful and refreshing love ballad, goes to ‘Kya Wo Tum Thi’ – An intense portrait of a toxic relationship, shifting to ‘Raakh’ – A glimpse of a slavery to addictions and finally ends with ‘College Nahi Jaate The’ – A celebration of friendship and nostalgia.


The first and undoubtedly the most catchy song in the entire album. A story of unconditional love told through refreshing sounds, polished acoustic guitar work and a very contemporary vocal design. Perfect for hitting the refresh button on any given day.

Mumbai Meri Jaan:

The perfect anthem for the ‘Maya-nagri’ and the second song in the album, its a fitting ode to the City of Dreams. From symbolic sounds, to an unmistakably memorable hookline, this song is for everyone who has (n)ever been to Mumbai…!!!


Then there’s a song that makes you turn on your torch-lights, and reminds you of the person who unchained you. Heart hitting piano playing along with subtle, yet powerful string sections, makes this 3rd song, an unforgettable piece of music.

Kya Woh Tum Thi:

The 4th song is Deep, Dark & Dramatic. The serious tone of the Piano, an underlying upright Bass timbre, along with surreal String sections for a finisher, pierces swiftly through your broken heart.


When you are a slave of habit, your life goes up in smoke, and you become the ash (Raakh). This song number 5 is best labelled by changes in the tempo and elements of dubstep, fused with the feeling of helplessness.

College Nahi Jaate The:

The last and the 6th song of the mini album, ends on a whole lot of friendship, fun and nostalgia from my College and Hostel Days. An ‘on-the-face’ rock song with a vintage sound, unforgettable catchy lyrics and a hookline that will just not go away.

While all the songs are excerpts from Lakshya’s life experiences, you cannot help but relate to at least one of the songs, if not all, and connect with exactly what the singer/songwriter wants to make you feel. Keep listening and stay connected.



Distance was just a word until the pandemic tore us apart. Relationships were fodder for quotes until social distancing put ’em to test. Yearning for reconciliation, learning to swallow tough pills of reality, the human bond has never been this brittle. A delicate destiny that all of us are clawing to rewrite. Our song Zaroori encapsulates all these emotions in a bundle of hope to cherish one more meeting, one more hug and one more sense of touch that enlivens us and restores our faith back in intimacy.

A sentiment woven for our times. A song ‘Zaroori’ for all times. The distancing is not limited to just the story behind the song, but also the artists that feature in the song. Indian Singer-Songwriter Lakshya Bhatnagar features the super talented, award-winning American Country superstar – Jenee Fleenor on this single. Apart from the fact that Lakshya is a huge fan of contemporary country music and has been listening to it for over a decade, coincidentally both Lakshya and Jenee belong to the family of the globally popular reality show, The Voice. Lakshya was a part of the latest season of The Voice which was aired on Star Plus in 2019, while Jenee is the official band member of The Voice US that is aired on NBC, which makes this collaboration even more interesting. Jenee has played in bands with Global Superstars like Blake Shelton, Jon Pardi, and Steve Tyler to name a few. This is definitely a step north as Lakshya is the first Indian Artist that Jenee is collaborating with which makes this yet another example of Indian Singer-Songwriters trying to create a collaborative mark in World Music. Zaroori releases on the 8th of August, 2020 on all major streaming platforms…!!!

Stay tuned…!!!

Zaroori – Sample Track

Lakshya Bhatnagar
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