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A song entirely written, produced, and released during the never-faced pandemic of our ages, it’s a song that talks about the importance of ‘Intimacy’, the importance of being around the one you love and the longing of meeting your soulmate. This song also features the amazingly talented Jenee Fleenor on the violin/fiddle…!!!
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Distance was just a word until the pandemic tore us apart. Relationships were fodder for quotes until social distancing put ’em to test. Yearning for reconciliation, learning to swallow tough pills of reality, the human bond has never been this brittle. A delicate destiny that all of us are clawing to rewrite. Our song Zaroori encapsulates all these emotions in a bundle of hope to cherish one more meeting, one more hug and one more sense of touch that enlivens us and restores our faith back in intimacy.

A sentiment woven for our times. A song ‘Zaroori’ for all times. The distancing is not limited to just the story behind the song, but also the artists that feature in the song. Indian Singer-Songwriter Lakshya Bhatnagar features the super talented, award-winning American Country superstar – Jenee Fleenor on this single. Apart from the fact that Lakshya is a huge fan of contemporary country music and has been listening to it for over a decade, coincidentally both Lakshya and Jenee belong to the family of the globally popular reality show, The Voice. Lakshya was a part of the latest season of The Voice which was aired on Star Plus in 2019, while Jenee is the official band member of The Voice US that is aired on NBC, which makes this collaboration even more interesting. Jenee has played in bands with Global Superstars like Blake Shelton, Jon Pardi, and Steve Tyler to name a few. This is definitely a step north as Lakshya is the first Indian Artist that Jenee is collaborating with which makes this yet another example of Indian Singer-Songwriters trying to create a collaborative mark in World Music. Zaroori releases on the 8th of August, 2020 on all major streaming platforms…!!!

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Zaroori – Sample Track

Lakshya Bhatnagar
Instagram: thevoiceoflakshya